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We've upgraded our Free DNA reports and lowered the cost for other reports. Our staff is working on a few glitches. Notify us if you encounter one and we will give you a free detailed report.


DNA Diet Genes

Genes we review are "Actionable Genes". Small key changes or variations in the blueprint of our cells involved in metabolism may have profound effects on digestion and weight.

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Personalized Plan

The Personalized Online DNA Diet Plan is a special system that looks at food, dieting and lifestyle in a completely different way. A six week structured program in which you will learn more about yourself

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Nicole Anderson
Age: 26
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Best Online System I've used! I could not have done it without you!


Lisa Smith
Age: 36
Weight Lost: 75lbs

My family is amazed at not only the difference on the outside but also the inside. You've made a difference!